toefl coaching in delhi

Course Details

  • Duration 1 Month or 22 Sessions
  • Class Structure Monday- Friday
  • Timings 8 AM to 7 PM

TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. It is the standard test that is required for Indian’s who want to study abroad, especially in English speaking countries. It is the required test for applicants who have been offered a scholarship or a job in abroad. It tests the capability of people who want to study abroad.

TOEFL test four language skills:
  • 1
    Reading(60-100 min)

    It includes 3-5 passages, approx. 700 words long. This section consists of 36-70 questions.

  • 2
    Listening( 60-90 min)

    It includes 4-6 lectures each of 3-5 min long. This section consists of 34-51 questions.

  • 3
    Speaking( 20 min)

    It consists of total 6 tasks: 2 tasks to express an opinion on the topic,4 tasks to speak on based on what is real and what is listened.

  • 4
    Writing( 50 min)

    It includes 2 tasks, First tasks to write based on what is read and second task an opinion on a topic.