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PTE - Crack it your Own way

PTE academic is a Computer based english test which evaluates different skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening and various other enabling skills like grammar, spelling, writing discourse etc.. you can find more details about the test and its format here

In this post i would like to share my experiences and process that got me to achieve my goal which was 90. This is just to establish my credibility and not to brag. I got Reading -90, Writing-90, Listening-90, Speaking-90 and 90 in all other enabling skills as well. Yeah!! it is possible and believe me if i could do it you could too !!!

When to Take the test? How ready are you? How do we determine how much time we need for the test? Will I get the score i want?? (heck ya man….) I am sure we all have these questions. The best way to determine and estimate is to work on a sample test and see how you feel about it. Yes seriously!!!! ..…Take a random free test (only check the test format and give it !!! yeah crazy right but works dude!!!)…see how it goes…You will get a feeling on the complexity of the test and what it might take you to prepare.

How to Prepare? The way I did, I took 1 hour first thing in the morning (6–7 am) and dedicated it to prep. This was convenient for me as I have kid and before he wakes up I wanted to finish this…It can be different for you…I would spend each day on one sub topic under a major topic.